Environmental Policy


This Environmental policy details the Cambrian plant and civil engineering (CPCE) declaration of intent in respect to managing the environment; it aims to assist all employees in meeting the minimum environmental legal requirements.

CPCE will endeavour to conduct its activities, so far as reasonably practicable, in an environmentally responsible manner that does not expose the natural environment or our neighbours to unacceptable environmental risks.

CPCE requires that every employee whilst at work must take reasonable care not to adversely impact the natural environment or our neighbours as a result of his or her work activities.

This environmental policy is based on legislative compliance. However we will also aim to raise the standards within the company to exceed the industry standards.

In order to minimise the impact upon the environment we will:

This policy consists of three parts

  1. The Environmental Policy Statement this is a declaration of intent signed by the Managing director, it sets outs the required environmental standards that are to be achieved across the company and the commitment the management has made in terms of accountability.

  2. The Organisational Responsibilities these are details of environmental responsibilities across the company

  3. The Arrangements for Environment this covers the systems the company has in place to assist everyone in meeting their obligations to environmental management in the work place.

  1. Policy Statement

Cambrian Plant and Civil Engineering (CPCE) is committed to a policy of effectively managing all aspects of its environmental performance to ensure that it has control over its impact on the natural environment and the community at large.

We will aim to integrate the management of environment into the management of our business, we will:

The Director has overall responsibility for our environmental management and will ensure that resources finances are provided as necessary to meet requirements.

Senior management are responsible for ensuring that the policy is implemented and all standards are met, they will also ensure that the directors are aware of what finances and resources are necessary to meet there requirements.

All employees and contractors working for CPCE will be expected to co-operate with the implantation of this policy. They will also ensure that there own work, so far as reasonably practicable, has minimum impact on the environment.

This policy statement will be displayed on all CPCE sites and workplaces, it will be made available to all employees and any interested parties.

On behalf of Cambrian Plant Hire Ltd

A Riseborough


2.0 Organisational Responsibilities

Environmental responsibilities for given positions within the company have been outlined in this document for each of the following roles, if the role does not exist at any given time then the company will reassign the responsibilities accordingly.

  1. Director

  2. Senior Manager

  3. Site Management

  4. Site Supervisors

  5. Site Support staff

  6. Operatives

  7. All personnel

2.1 Director

Definition: - any stake holder within the company

The director(s) have overall responsibility for ensuring that operations are conducted in an environmentally responsible manner so to minimise disturbance to the natural environment and neighbours who may be affected by our operations

To meet the requirements of the Environmental policy the directors will, where reasonably practicable:

  1. Provide the organisation, finances and resources necessary for the implementation of the environmental policy

  2. Monitor the company’s environmental performance and respond accordingly

  3. Take reasonable steps to ensure the company complies with environmental legislation

  4. Ensure that the environmental policy is reviewed and updated as required.

  5. Environmental training / competency levels are defined for all employee levels

  6. Communication of environmental information is provided by an appropriate manner

  7. Include Environmental performance in company meeting agenda’s

  8. Ensure that environmental incident investigations are completed and that any non-compliances reported on internal or external reports/audits are appropriately reported.

2.2 Senior Manager

Definition:- Operations managers, construction managers, etc.

To meet the requirements of the Environmental policy the senior managers will, where reasonably practicable:

  1. Be aware of the company’s Environmental policy requirements as well as all other statuary requirements affecting the company’s operations

  2. Ensure that there is a system in place for formally appointing competent and trained personnel to be responsible for environmental matters in every workplace.

  3. Report quarterly and yearly on environmental performance.

  4. Ensure that all staff receives a copy of the environmental policy and are conversant with it.

  5. Ensure that regular environmental reviews take place at the workplace as appropriate.

  6. Ensure that site staff have adequate planning time, resource, information, skills and training to carry out the operations in accordance with CPCE environmental standards.

  7. Act upon any problems or improvements reported with regards this policy

  8. Where working practises are observed that pose a significant risk to the environment ensure that the operation is stopped immediately and provide support advise and assistance in identifying and implementing the necessary actions

  9. Assist site staff in review of contractor’s high risk method statements and risk assessments. And help site management to monitor implantation of the same.

  10. Ensure that all supervisors and management are aware of their environmental responsibility’s

2.3 Site Management

Definition:- Site Manager, Site Agent, Works Manager

To meet the requirements of the Environmental policy the site manager will, where reasonably practicable:

  1. Report Monthly on performance with regards to environmental performance

  2. Ensure that all employees are aware of the environmental policy have access to a copy for review

  3. Ensure that appropriate data is provided on incidents, dangerous occurrences and enforcement action to enable the senior management to formulate their required reports.

  4. Monitor the overall environmental performance of all operations under their control and ensure that appropriate action is taken whenever standards fail to meet the company environmental standards.

  5. Report through line management any improvements or problems with regards to this Policy

  6. Carry out a environmental review at the workplace on a regular basis to ensure compliance with the policy.

  7. Ensure that induction instructions are relevant and are reviewed regularly for relevance to current operations and ensure that they are being effectively communicated.

  8. Ensure all new employees, contractor’s employees and visitors, including delivery drivers are instructed on the relevant sections of CPCE environmental policy and any location specific requirements (this should be done via induction)

  9. Organise and plan workplaces so that work is carried out in accordance with CPCE environmental policy with minimum risk to employees, other contractors and members of the public.

  10. Actively promote at all levels CPCE commitment to Environmental performance

  11. Ensure that all risk assessments including COSHH, noise, etc. Are effectively monitored reviewed and communicated at the workplace.

  12. Identify the requirements for method statements, and ensure that they are produced and reviewed on time. Ensure that Method statements are followed and controlled as appropriate.

2.4 Site Supervisors

Definition:- assistant site mangers, gangers, foreman, team leaders, engineering staff

To meet the requirements of the Environmental policy the site supervisors will, where reasonably practicable:

  1. Be aware of the company’s environmental policy requirements and any other statutory requirements affecting CPCE operations and seek further advice if necessary.

  2. Ensure that persons under their control are fully briefed and work in a manner that will not put the environment at unnecessary risk

  3. Assist the managers in achieving CPCE environmental standards by reporting operations and conditions that fail to meet these standards

  4. In conjunction with site management ensure that all new employees, contractors and visitors have a specific induction which includes instruction on CPCE environmental policy and any project specific requirements

  5. Ensure that all affected persons are briefed on the contents of any risk assessment and method statement produced and monitor operatives for compliance

  6. In conjunction with site management plan environmental performance into work activities

  7. Discuss environmental matters with all supervisors including contractors on a regular basis and record as necessary.

  8. Carry out inspections of the work place as prescribed in the management systems

  9. Actively promote at all levels CPCE commitment to the environment

  10. Ensure all permits to work are issued and all operatives involved understand them

  11. Actively encourage employees to report environmental problems

2.5 Site Support Staff

Definition:- Advisors, estimators, surveyors, buyers etc.

To meet the requirements of the Environmental policy the site support staff will, where reasonably practicable:

  1. Ensure all personnel under their control work in a manner that will not leak to an incident

  2. Assist the work place management in achieving CPCE environmental standards at any site by reporting operations or conditions that they deem to be at risk

  3. Suggest ways of improving overall environmental performance.

  4. Ensure the provision of support services does not knowingly compromise the environment.

  5. Abide by any environmental rules and instructions given at location-specific Induction

2.6 Operative

Definition:- Labourer, ground worker, machine operative, tradesman or any other non managerial supervisory role.

To meet the requirements of the Environmental policy all operatives should, where reasonably practicable:

  1. Make themselves familiar with the company’s environmental policy and adhere to all the site rules, notices and procedures made known to them.

  2. Actively participate in the management of environmental performance by reporting all incidents and near misses.

  3. Where appropriate, participate in any forums held.

  4. Follow the safe methods and systems established for the site which may be set out in method statements, risk assessments, site rules, or otherwise.

  5. Refrain from working if they think either their own health and safety or that of others will be compromised by the environment or the work to be undertaken, and inform their immediate line manager of their concerns.

2.7 All Personnel

Definition:- Any employee regardless of employment status.

In meeting the Cambrian Plant Civil Engineering Policy all personnel have a duty and obligation to take reasonable care for the environment. CPCE expects a reasonable and responsible attitude from all personnel towards meeting their environmental obligations at work.

All persons should, where reasonably practicable:

  1. Be conversant with the relevant requirements identified in the CPCE environmental policy.

  2. Abide by any site specific rules or instructions given at site inductions.

  3. Follow instructions set down in all briefings including RAMS and all work permits.

  4. Set a personal example by wearing the appropriate protective clothing PPE at all times when on site.

  5. Work in a safe manner at all times, take appropriate action where unsafe acts are observed and report any unsafe acts to the relevant manager.

  6. Assist the company in achieving the required CPCE environmental standards. Individuals who do not comply with this will be subject to disciplinary action.

  7. Use and maintain the correct tools and equipment, report any defects to the appropriate person.

  8. Inform their immediate manager of any concerns they have in regards to the environment.

  9. Refusal or failure to comply with this Environmental Policy will be considered a disciplinary offence.

  10. Be aware that it is an offence to intentionally or recklessly misuse or interfere with anything the company uses or provides to comply with Environmental legislation.

3.0 Environmental Arrangements

3.1 Document Issue and Control

This document shall be reviewed and revised as necessary, at intervals not exceeding one year.

A copy of this environmental policy document will be made available to all employees and any interested parties.

3.2 Application

The environmental policy has been produced for all activities undertaken Cambrian Plant Civil Engineering. This includes construction sites, premises and office workplaces.

The company will implement as a minimum the standards set out in the environmental policy. CPCE management will ensure that this policy is used as a basis of all environmental performance management.

3.3 Planning

Planning is an essential factor in meeting the Environmental Policy in order to identify the measures required to achieve effective risk management across the company.

3.3.1 Environmental Risk Assessment and Risk Control.

At all workplaces CPCE management will identify and assess potential environmental risk and record findings. Subsequent control measures for the management of the environmental risk will reflect the principle of risk elimination where reasonably practicable, followed by risk reduction, with use of environmental control equipment as a last resort.

Site management and supervisors will use the management systems provided to ensure that environmentally responsible work practises are adapted as far as reasonably practicable.

CPCE aim to provide a environmentally responsible work practise through:

3.3.2 Legal and other Requirements

The company will maintain a process for identifying and assessing the legal and other requirements applicable to it. This information will be kept up to date and communicated to its employees and any other parties.

3.3.3 Objectives

CPCE will identify specific objectives that are relevant to the business as an ongoing process. These objectives will be documented and measured against to give a benchmark growth for the company with regards to environmental performance.

3.4 Implementation and Operation

3.4.1 Training, Awareness and competence

CPCE aim to provide all staff with the required training and awareness according to their position, the work they are to undertake, and their environmental responsibilities. Personnel with key safety roles and the appropriate competency levels shall be formally appointed at the workplace

Environmental training requirements will be identified for each function across the company and training provided as necessary. The Company will maintain a training matrix to ensure that all personnel have acquired and maintain the knowledge and competency required.

3.4.2 Communication

Means of communications shall be planned into all works at all work places, this is used to encourage participation in good environmental practise.

3.4.3 Operational Control

CPCE will maintain standards for activities associated with known environmental risks to ensure, as far is reasonably practicable, that minimum legal requirements are met effective control and counter measures are applied, and risk control continually improved.

Standards and best practise guidance will be issued as required and will be subject to regular review as to their suitability and effectiveness. They will be amended as appropriate.

Performance standards include but are not permitted to, the identified risks involved in the following areas.


Where required assuring the competency of ecological contractors, where possible and required programming works to avoid sensitive constraints (seasonal works) avoiding damage to protected flora and fauna.


May include conducting baseline surveys, if required gaining regulatory approvals, communicating with all affected parties, managing noise, odour, dust, traffic, visual, vibration and light impacts,


To include consulting with regulatory bodies, conducting baseline surveys, managing water abstraction, dewatering and discharge, working near watercourses and in tidal waters, controlling washing activities.


To include consulting with regulatory bodies, reducing waste streams, creating waste management plans, storing and handling building waste and ensuring compliant disposal of all waste streams.

3.4.4 Emergency Preparedness

Emergency plans will be prepared and tested as necessary alongside the required response plans.

These will be communicated to the employees at the specific site induction and health and safety briefings.

3.4.5 Discipline

Since environmental performance is taken very seriously the company will take appropriate action against any person whose behaviour falls below that expected by the company in terms of environmental performance.

3.5 Performance Measurement and Monitoring

3.5.1 Monitoring of Safety Performance

CPCE will identify and monitor environmental performance across all operations to ensure that as far is reasonably practicable, risk controls are implemented and environmental policy requirements and objectives are met. CPCE will also ensure that lessons are learnt from Management system failures.

CPCE will ensure that there is sufficient approved supervision to adequately monitor environmental performance, including the performance of sub contractors. The company will maintain records to document performance.

3.5.2 Environmental Incident Reporting and investigation

We will investigate each accident to establish the facts of the event, identification of root cause and corrective action to prevent recurrence where possible.

3.5.4 Management Review

Management will review the overall performance of the environmental management systems on a regular basis. Records of these reviews will be recorded and distributed as required. These records will include the details and implementation plan of any corrective actions.