Drug and Alcohol Policy


Cambrian Plant and Civil Engineering (CPCE) are committed to providing a safe, healthy and secure environment for all those who work or are affected by its operations & activities. We recognize the risks that are associated with drug use, alcohol abuse and the abuse of other substances (solvents etc.) This policy is designed to eliminate these risks, as far as is reasonably practicable, from workplaces and their surrounding environments.

Aims & Basic Requirements

This policy applies to all direct employees, agency and sub-contract employees whilst at their workplace as well as visitors whilst they are on company premises or in workplaces. All persons in a CPCE workplace must always be in a fit state to carry out their duties. They must not consume or be under the influence of alcohol or any other substance that impairs their ability to perform their duties. This can include prescribed drugs. Anybody who is taking prescribed drugs must consult their doctor, about the risk of the drug affecting their fitness to work, prior to reporting for duty. Where a risk is identified they must report this to their supervisor prior to commencement of their duties. A risk assessment will then be carried out.

Visitors and Subcontractors

Visitors to company workplaces should be notified of the requirements of this policy. It is a condition of contract that all contractors or agency employees comply with this policy. Any visitor or subcontractor found to be in breach of these requirements will be permanently excluded from all CPCE workplaces.

Requests for Help

Whilst the company will treat any request for help by an employee sympathetically it will not be accepted subsequent or just prior to a test. During any regime of recovery or help for an individual they are still subject to this policy whilst at work.


Testing will be carried out on reasonable suspicion or following an accident or incident deemed appropriate. Random testing may also be carried out in line with any target set by the directors or senior management.


Anyone suspected of having their performance impaired due to alcohol or drugs will be removed from the workplace.

The company disciplinary process will be invoked if:-

Where a client has a requirement to work under a more strict policy (zero alcohol, etc.) employees will be notified of the requirements to conform to the clients policy.

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